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Have you ever wondered why we all make assumptions about people we have never met, or what other people may think of you as an individual. Why one company seems to have better luck than another even though they are selling the same products to the same customers. Why seemingly well matched couples get divorced or split up. Have you ever been even a little curious about your future, love life, and whether you will ever fulfil your dreams of success.


Well ..... Read On !!!


A lot of these problems often get written off to luck (good or bad), fate or whatever else you like to call it. However, its has been known for thousands of years by a small number of people that this is not the case. It may be hard to believe at this point but, our lives are mapped out from the day we are born to the day we die. By that I don't mean every action and event but, I do mean the path we each walk and the obstacles we will encounter along the way. A blue-print of your life. Numerology is the way in which we can work out what these paths and obstacles are, or are going to be.



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Well, firstly Numerology is NOT a religion (even though some would have us believe otherwise), It is NOT a Cult (having meetings in dark rooms with private handshakes) OR anything else for that matter we should be concerned, worried or even afraid about. In truth, the best way to describe Numerology is to say it is an 'Art' or 'Science Of Numbers'. To some it is nothing more than a fun game.


To explain, every number has a 'vibration' and depending on the circumstances, those vibrations have different meanings. Being a vibration, like Radio Waves, some numbers help and support each other while others conflict or interfere with each other. Learning to understand these vibrations and therefore the meanings behind them can help you to see why you are the person you are, how others see you, where you are likely to be going in the future. Knowing the future is a powerful tool when used properly. While we can't change the future, we can use our knowledge to guide future events in our favour. Make no mistake, just spending a little time to learn the basics of Numerology can help you to lead a more productive and successful life. And what's more, anyone can do it. I will endeavour to show you the techniques used by Numerologists the world over through these pages.



Ying Yang Picture  A Brief History Of Numerology  Ying Yang Picture


One of the earliest recorded references to Numerology being used in a scientific way dates back some 10,000 years to the ancient 'Babylonians' and 'Egyptians'. However, it is mainly due to the Greeks and Hebrews that modern Numerology owes its roots. The traditional meanings of the numbers goes back to interpretations from very early times. In fact, some Numerologists say that the science of Numerology can be traced back to the dawn of mankind.


The great Greek mathematician, Pythagoras, is one of the main sources of the techniques used in modern Numerology and is often referred to as the 'Father Of Numerology' as well as the 'Father Of Mathematics'. He was born around 580 BC and was also known as a great Astrologer and Philosopher. He was recorded as saying that 'Numbers are the first things of all nature'. He held the belief that everything could be reduced into mathematical terms, and if expressed as a numerical value, the universe would be better understood. He even founded a school on this principle to teach others of his findings, however, he did not teach just anyone who was interested. His students had to be proven scholars in Mathematics, Music, Astrology and Philosophy before he would consider teaching them. The Greek philosopher Plato was one of his more well known students. Not only that, his students were never allowed to write anything down.


The Hebrews, using what is known as the Kabbalah (Qabala or Cabbala), developed a different system, however both ultimately translate letters into numbers. To the Hebrews this process of relating words through calculation of their numerical values was called Gematria and was employed many times throughout the Kabbalah. Most Chinese people have a Numerology chart produced for every new born child. This chart is often never seen by the child until later on in life. Only the parents know the content. In fact Numerology has roots in most cultures dating back to when records began. As this is the case, there are several Numerological systems and many Numerologists will say that there is only one true system, the Kabbalistic system. On the other hand, just as many say that those who use the Kabbalistic system do so to confuse or imply more mysticism. I personally prefer to use the Western system (or Pythagorean system) as it is based around the 26 letters in our alphabet, where the Kabbalistic system is based around the 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet. So, this is the system I will be using throughout these pages.


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